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I'd Rather BEE Stitching

Every now and then a designer designs something “just for herself” without the intention of marketing the design. But when I finished “I’d Rather Bee Stitching” it had turned out so cute that I had to share it with my “bee-loving buddies” who stitch. I wanted this needle book to fit in the palm of my hand and that’s exactly what it does...tiny, sweet and totally functionable! Both the front and back of the needlebook are decorated with tiny bees and there’s a fabulous spool of thread on the front cover that’s worked with Padded Satin Stitches to make it look three-dimensional. Everything is then surrounded with a delicate celtic-like border of Backstitches, trimmed with hand dyed Rick-rack and filled with yummy hand dyed wool to “park” your needle in. I hope you’re gonna love this little needlebook and want one for yourself...I know I did!, that's why I designed it.

Stitch Count: 33w x 39h
Suggested Fabric: 32 Count Cream Belfast Linen
Embellishments: BC-CP14 Yellow Flower Bead with Mill Hill Petite Beads #40479

Corrections: DMC 520 is used for the backstitching around the leaves, vines and detail lines inside leaves.
Symbol for Blanc is "-"
Symbol for 924 in outer border is “+”
We regret any confusion this may have caused.

Suggested Retail Price: $ 22.00

Purchase Includes: Pattern & Embellishment