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Blackberries & Bees Trio - Needlework Accessories

"These sweet Blackberry designs give you three choices for new needlework accessories. There's a super-sweet fob with a beaded tassel, a darling rectangular pin pillow & a domed topper to sit on top of your favorite platform candlestick. Each design has a unique stacked bead "blackberry" & there are Blackberry blossoms made from the cutest White Flower Beads too. We've trimmed the pin pillow & domed candlestick topper with 1/4 inch “Cherry Bomb” Rick Rack by Dames of the Needle - the color blends perfectly. This design "trio" comes with two embellishment packets....our Special Bead Mixture for realistic looking blackberries & the Tiny White Flower Beads. Enjoy adding these delicious designs to your needlework basket.

Stitch Count: Sizes vary by design
Suggested Fabric: 28 & 32 count Lambswool Linen
Embellishments: SV-CP271 and SV-262, White Flower Beads & Special Bead Mixture

Suggested Retail Price: $ 22.00

Purchase Includes: 3 Patterns and Embellishments