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Christmas Revisited
Leaflet #SV-CC11

Stitch Count: Multiple Sizes
Suggested Fabric: 28 or 32 Count Raw or Opalescent Raw Linen
Embellishments: SV-CP399 Special Xmas Embellishment Pack with Ruby Chubby Beads, Crystal Paillettes & Small Ivory Hearts

Corrections: In Southwest Santa, Santa's bag is either DMC 501 or Weeks 1279 'Holly' & the cactus is Weeks 2198 'Ivy' worked crossing each stitch & stitching vertically to give the appearance of the ribs on a saguaro. In 'Twas The Night Before Christmas' the andiron at the fireplace has an incorrect symbol but is to be worked in DMC 3046. There are also 4 stitches on the fireplace wall (near Santa's face) that should be worked in DMC 3032 (not in DMC 3046)

Suggested Retail Price: $ 10.00

Purchase Includes: Pattern Only