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   New for Autumn Stitching!

Oh my – how can it be Fall already??? I was just enjoying the relaxing Summer and here October is staring me in the face. We’ have been busy stitching this Summer though and we’re just now releasing seven new designs – five from The Sweetheart Tree and two really sweet ones from The Bee Cottage.

From The Sweetheart Tree we’ve continued our new series called “Sparklers.” They feature colored Paillettes brought in from Europe in the most luscious colors. The newest “Sparkler” is called “Sparkler in Patriotic Red.” – quite delicate and I’m going to go out on a limb & I bet you’ll be able to guess the newest Paillette color – brilliant yummy RED! We also have another patriotic themed design called “Our Flag Does Not Fly” – When I saw this verse on a t-shirt I thought what a lovely and patriotic stitched piece it would be in our home. It humbles us to know that so many of our military men and women have given their lives so that we can live “free!” I hope this verse touches your heart as it did mine – the verse is surrounded by a lovely floral border and in the center you’ll find delicate red flower beads anchored with tiny pearls to add another dimension to the piece. For those who know me, you know I’m just a bit obsessed with Blackwork so we have two new Blackwork designs this time – “Tiny Blackwork Duo I - Welcome Sampler” which is a sweet horizontal piece and “Tiny Blackwork Duo II - Alphabet Sampler” which is a darling vertical matching piece …. both have elegant and delicate details, beads and Jet-Black Paillettes and both are now hanging together in our home to welcome guests. They make a perfect pair. Now…We saved the best for last – each year we do one Special Edition piece and this time it’s called “Shades of Blue Sampler” a very elegant and sophisticated design worked in multiple shades of Dusty Blue and Olive Green & chock full of fun fancy stitches. It sparkles like crazy with the addition of – you guessed it more of our new colored paillettes. This time we’ve used Montana Blue Paillettes in a perfect dusty blue to match the colors used in the sampler. There are over a dozen of them so your sampler will REALLY sparkle even from across the room! This piece is easily adaptable to special occasions such as weddings or anniversaries but gorgeous when stitched as-is.

From The Bee Cottage™ we have 2 new bee-utiful designs that are (no pun intended) “flying” out of our office to shops everywhere. There’s “Queen Of The Bees” which is just TOO cute to pass up! Our “Queen” is having a wonderful time dancing with her two “bee-buddies” and tending to her little bee hive. The bead embellished honeycomb pattern of the border surrounds the piece making it perfect to be framed or finished as a tiny pillow or pin keep. It’s pretty sweet isn’t it? AND of course this piece is VERY Sparkly with the addition of our new Gold Paillettes. Everyone needs a bit of sparkle in their lives - including our little dancing “Queen Of The Bees.” The second new Bee Cottage design is “Bertie Bee and Fob”, WAY cute and worked on “Berkshire Hive” fabric – so cute that I grabbed it up before anyone else could beat me to it. It has that “honey-comb” look to make the piece extra special. Our sweet little Bertie has a delicate wavy border around him and the yellow frame from our framer was a totally perfect color match. The ever-so-tiny fob was an afterthought because I just couldn’t get enough of Bertie and it’s finished free-form style with a sweet beaded tassel at the bottom featuring a teensie-weenise golden bee charm.

I’m also working hard on more “new stuff” for later this year but (before I get back to stitching more new treats for you) I want to remind you hurry off to your local shop to see these new designs – I think you’ll like them!

Until then – Happy Stitching!

Sandie Vanosdall…
The Sweetheart Tree & The Bee Cottage

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The Sweetheart Tree New Releases

Our Flag Does Not Fly

Tiny Blackwork I - Welcome Sampler

Tiny Blackwork II - Alphabet Sampler

Sparkler In Patriotic Red

Shades of Blue Sampler

The Bee Cottage New Releases
Now that you’ve seen the new additions to The Sweetheart Tree™ designs take a minute or two to peek at the designs from our “new” little sister company - The Bee Cottage™. The Bee Cottage™ may be new to the stitchery world it is really creating quite the “buzz!” Designs from The Bee Cottage™ will all be “bee” related, presented with a slightly primitive look & with just a pinch of French flair. The will be produced with the same care & attention to detail as those from The Sweetheart Tree™ & we hope you’ll find the new designs from The Bee Cottage™ simply bee-autiful! Shown below you’ll see a sampling of the newest releases from The Bee Cottage™ and we’ll be releasing even more new cute bee designs very soon! Just click on the photos to view all the details that stitchers want to know! We’d love to hear your reaction to our new bee related designs and any ideas that you would like to see are always welcomed!

Queen Of The Bees

Bertie Bee and Fob

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