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   Stitching and Troubled Times

As we all know the world has seen lots of turmoil and change in recent weeks. Right now many of us are experiencing some major "stress" in our lives and it can creep into our day to day life in insidious ways. We, at The Sweetheart Tree, still are practicing social distancing, using curbside pick-up to get our groceries and watching the still too big numbers of the Covid-19 virus across the country and the world. But, as Stitchers we just keep doing what we do, one project at a time – or in some cases working on several things at once. Three’s such satisfaction when a project is completed. When things get too stressful I retire to my stitching place and calm my anxious mind one stitch at a time. Once I pick up my needle & start stitching the problems of our current world seem to recede in a beneficial way.

I hope you are finding the same peace in your stitching - or sewing - or puzzle solving – or gardening - or reading - or whatever it is that takes you to your happy place. In the next few days we will be releasing 8 new designs to keep your stitching fingers busy. Photos are below for you to look at. If you see something you like contact your local shop to see if they have it or give us a call and we’ll find a way to get it to you.

Stay Safe, Be Well, and Stitch Something Wonderful…

Sandie Vanosdall…
The Sweetheart Tree & The Bee Cottage

Now At Our New Address:
19221 N. Moondance Lane
Surprise, AZ 85387
Phone: 480-556-6500

The Sweetheart Tree New Releases

Sparkling Blue Pin Cushion

Sparkling Violets Pillow

Holly Baskets

Halloween Octagon

Joyous Christmas Ornaments

The Fuzzy Spider

The Bee Cottage New Releases
Now that you’ve seen the new additions to The Sweetheart Tree™ designs take a minute or two to peek at the designs from our “new” little sister company - The Bee Cottage™. The Bee Cottage™ may be new to the stitchery world it is really creating quite the “buzz!” Designs from The Bee Cottage™ will all be “bee” related, presented with a slightly primitive look & with just a pinch of French flair. The will be produced with the same care & attention to detail as those from The Sweetheart Tree™ & we hope you’ll find the new designs from The Bee Cottage™ simply bee-autiful! Shown below you’ll see a sampling of the newest releases from The Bee Cottage™ and we’ll be releasing even more new cute bee designs very soon! Just click on the photos to view all the details that stitchers want to know! We’d love to hear your reaction to our new bee related designs and any ideas that you would like to see are always welcomed!

Crystal Honey Biscornu

Crystal Honey Needlebook and Fob

I'd Rather BEE Stitching Fob

Garden Party

The Sweetheart Tree™ and The Bee Cottage™
19221 N. Moondance Lane    Surprise, AZ 85387
Phone: 480-556-6500    Email:
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