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Our new series called "Quadrielles" are four-sided decorative hanging ornaments - and - they're simply gorgeous!! Each kit in the series will be "all-inclusive" so everything needed to stitch them (except your stuffing material) will be included in the kit for you.

Finish your Quadrielle simply, choose colored ribbon streamers for a decorative "poof" at the bottom or add an oversized self-made floss tassel wrapped with beads at the bottom. Your finishing choices are limitless....and speaking of "finishing" we've just added a new section of "Quadrielle Finishing Tips" with helpful hints for a new way to make your Quadrielle more sturdy. Go straight to our Finishing tips by clicking here.....

The Quadrielle Series will soon expand to include Quadrielles for special occasions, holidays and will also include Quadrielles for special people too - be on the lookout for more Quadrielles coming soon!

USA Quadrielle Chart Pack

Easter Quadrielle Chart Pack

Wedding Quadrielle Chart Pack

DAD Quadrielle Kit

MOM Quadrielle Kit

Lavender Fields Quadrielle Chart Pack

Quaker Quadrielle Chart Pack

NOEL Quadrielle Chart Pack

Halloween Quadrielle Chart Pack

Irish Quadrielle Chart Pack