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The Bee Cottage™ Charts & Charms
The Bee Cottage™ chart designs are small projects with an emphasis on all things dealing with bees and they’re becoming quite the “buzz” in the world of stitchery. These little designs have BIG appeal however! All are printed on small cards with color photographs on the cover & each is embellished with a specially selected charm or other high quality embellishment that has been chosen to blend with the color or theme of the design. The embellishment is always included - so that you can always finish your project with ease. So, the next time you want something quick & fun to stitch, think about The Bee Cottage™ first! For details about any design just click on the photos! Be sure to check this page frequently for the latest charts from The Bee Cottage™ so you can collect them all.

Garden Party

Crystal Honey Needlebook and Fob

Crystal Honey Biscornu

I'd Rather BEE Stitching Fob

Let It Bee

Itsy Bitsy Bees

Bumblebee Needle Roll

I'd Rather BEE Stitching

Buzzy Bees

Mini Bee-ABC

I'd Rather BEE Stitching Biscornu

Home Sweet Home

Bees In A Box Ornament

Buzzy Bees Pin Cushion

Queen Of The Bees

Bertie Bee and Fob