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The American Star Fob
Teenie Tweenie #SV-T86

Stitch Count: 31w c 30h
Suggested Fabric: 32 Count Clay or Light Mocha Belfast Linen
Embellishments: SV-CP215S Stars Bead Pack

Corrections: Unfortunately there are several errors on this design and we sincerely regret any confusion this may have caused. The open square in the upper left corner of the heart on the front of the fob should really be an x for DMC color 823 and the small x in the stripes should be for DMC color 498 - Please refer to the photo on the front cover if you have questions regarding the correct symbols and colors. There is a missing Backstitch line on the heart on the front of the fob which should be worked with DMC 823 floss. The number of star beads listed as being enclosed in the embellishment pack for this design is incorrect. SV-CP215S contains 1 Large Star and 4 Small Stars. Place the small stars either on the back side of the design OR on the ends of the beaded tassel. If you wish to use them in both locations you will need to purchase an extra packet of stars from your favorite needlework shop. The UPC Code listed on this pattern is also incorrect - while not of importance to the consumer, shop owners may wish to call for clarification.

Suggested Retail Price: $ 11.00

Purchase Includes: 2 Designs; Patterns and Embellishments